Pradyum Sekar

CEO@Sail Cannabis

Pradyum Sekar is the CEO of Sail Cannabis. Prad has been at the centre of the cannabis industry in Canada since 2014. He has worked with and on behalf of LPs to provide better access to cannabis patients by engaging physicians. He is clinically and business trained with a background in the healthcare industry, helping him drive and create innovative tech solutions that bridge the gap between patients, physicians, and regulated vendors.

An Entrepreneur with a focus on the Canadian healthcare industry, Pradyum has successfully launched and managed businesses in the fields of Practice Management, Technology, Education & Recruitment and Medical Devices. His experience in the development of start-ups to successful portfolios has allowed him to develop the skill-sets to collaborate and assist with like-minded entrepreneurs and organizations looking for early-mid stage growth.

With a network of National and International partners, Pradyum aims to create growth strategies for supporting new business opportunities in the healthcare sector that engages all levels of strategic innovation and collaboration resulting in successful and profitable outcomes for all stakeholders and investors. Pradyum has had the opportunity to develop relationships and work with stakeholders at all levels of the healthcare industry including Physicians & Healthcare Practitioners, Ministry of Health & Public Health sectors and Industry Associations & Regulators.

Pradyum also consults with the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) Practice Management and Advisory Group on developing relevant and useful content for Efficiency Planning and Management strategies for their over 30,000 physician membership base.